Easy-to-use tablets
for older people

A simple and easy-to-use tablet computer that helps older people to keep their independence and connect with loved ones.

Working In Partnership With

University of Geneva • University of
Luxembourg • Innovate UK (Gov UK)

Working In Partnership With

University of Geneva • University of Luxembourg • Innovate UK (Gov UK)

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MiCare tablet computer + wristband

Track Health
steps, activity, exercise

Shared Photos
from family & friends

Web Bookmarks
updated remotely by family

Classic Games & Puzzles

Video Calling
using Skype™

Shared Calendar

Personal support
6 months and beyond

Simple Email
future release

count steps, heart rate, activity

Connect With Your Loved Ones

MiCare is designed for relationships.

Often family and close friends feel they’re too far away or too busy to see their loved ones as much as they’d like. With MiCare, we bridge some of that gap with…

  • Shared Photos. They won’t miss those special moments of life. Through shared photos, family and friends can add photos that automatically download to the MiCare tablet, ready to be enjoyed.
  • Easy Video Calling. Close friends and family are set up with video calling through Skype, so seeing each other is only a couple of taps away.
  • Updatable Web Bookmarks. Share a great website through our Cloud Tools and it’ll appear on the MiCare tablet.
  • Shared Calendar. Stay involved in your loved one’s week and know what’s happening.

…all set up and ready to go on day 1.

Personalised set up and home visits

Most big product and software giants don’t meet people where they’re at… that’s where MiCare is different.

Our Essential plan (where available) offers personal set-up so your loved one can hit the ground running. Not only that, but we also include home visits to stop by, check in, and offer truly personal help.

Healthy living

Having trouble staying active on a consistent basis?

Track steps. Log exercise. Keep an eye on health. All thanks to the MiCare wristband. It seamlessly syncs activity so your loved one can hit their health goals.

Brain games and fun

The MiCare tablet includes a variety of classic and modern games to test your skills, wits, and limits.

Some of these games are ideal for improving mental sharpness while having fun too.

Get Started

Get the simple tablet your loved one will actually use.

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2. Try it out

We set up a demo in your loved one’s home.

3. Setup and go!

We set up the MiCare tablet with you so it’s ready to go.

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Winchester, Hampshire 

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Dr Mervyn Suffield

MiCare managing director

We believe today’s technology should better the lives of older people and their families.

In my past career as a medical doctor, I had a long history of seeing how mental, physical, and emotional health affects people in their later years and the best ways of improving it. Which is why over the last 35 years I’ve helped build over 30 care homes and care villages across Britain.

When you build a home, you make fit-for-purpose for it’s occupant. It has to have the right functions. It needs to be accessible.

So why is so much of today’s technology leaving older people behind?

Much of it is too hard or frustrating to use!

Over the past five years our team has worked with many older people across Europe to better understand the frustrations and limitations of today’s technology.

Using that valuable insight we designed the MiCare tablet computer to improve the lives of older people and connect them with those they love.

All through something that’s both useful and easy-to-use.


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If you want to…

  • improve your loved one’s physical, social, and mental well-being
  • know how they’re doing
  • help them stay independent
  • check
    connect with their life and share yours
  • check
    reduce the work it takes to look after your loved one
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