MiCare is designed and created by iCare247.

History of iCare247

Dr Mervyn Suffield, CEO of iCare247, spent a large part of his career as a GP for older people, this gave him first-hand experience of their trials and fears with technology. He decided that this was not good, that people were missing out on benefits that could make their lives more comfortable, fulfilling and heathier.

The first step in his general vision to achieve better use of technology for older people, was the development of Beaumont Village, a retirement village in Aldershot. Dr Suffield has also been involved in the development of several other such ventures over the years.

Then in 2012, Dr. Suffield decided to attempt to change the view of technology amongst those who find it a mystery for various reasons. This has resulted in the development of the MiCare platform in 2018, a simplified suite of applications, specifically designed or adapted for use by those with very little or no experience of technology.

Part of the development was through a project funded by the EU commission which has allowed us to utilize the expertise of organisations such as the Universities of Geneva, Vienna and Luxembourg. Also a specialist gaming company Everdream Soft and the Swiss consumer organization Terz (similar to Which in the UK).

This has led to a well tried and tested end product, which has been designed and developed with input from real elderly users.

iCare247 Values

iCare247 has as its highest value the well-being of the customer and their family/friends. We have as our goal, to enable improvement in the level of independence, social connectivity and physical wellness of our customer.

iCare247 believes that technology can provide benefits to the lives of the older person and should be accessible to all. iCare 247 strives to ensure that this is possible, by providing simple to use, engaging and health promoting products.

iCare247 is passionate about removing the often far too complex systems and methods designed into technology, making it difficult and frightening, for the non-technical person to use. This is why iCare247 have designed their products with advice from older people directly*, ensuring that it will operate in an easily understandable way.

Even having taken these actions, we know there will be times when you just can’t remember how that bit worked! This is why we are committed to offering you support and assistance, as and when you require it. This could include a phone conversation, written booklets, material available on the tablet or a face to face chat over a cuppa.

iCare247 will work with you and for you, to enable you to have an independent, socially connected and informed healthy lifestyle, for as long as you wish.