Make a difference in older people’s lives

Become a licenced MiCare Agent

Less Stress  •  More Life  •  Flexible Work

Do you want to…
  • Help improve other's quality of life
  • More autonomy and freedom over your work life
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    Make your own money
If your current job has inflexibile hours…

If you've got more of a relationship with computers than people…

If you feel disconnected because the work is impersonal…

If you lack opportunity to grow in your current position…

…why not consider applying to become a MiCare Agent?

Make more of a difference in your life and others with MiCare.

  • £0/mo basic services
    games + health tracking + web browsing + shared photos + video calling + calendar + more
  • asterisk
    £6/mo standard ​subscription
    normal services + Cloud Tools + new games + major software updates
  • asterisk
    £12/mo standard subscription + phone support
    normal services + Cloud Tools + new games + major software updates + phone support
  • asterisk
    £20/mo standard subscription + phone support + home visits
    normal services + Cloud Tools + new games + major software updates + phone support + one home visit every two months

Who is this for?

We wanted to create a company that helps older people, a business that empowers our agents to make real positive change in the community.

We're currently looking for people in and around the Winchester area.
Especially those who are connected with groups of older people!

You'd be IDEALLY suited to this if you have…

  • Strong relational skills
  • Confident with basic IT skills
  • An ability to easily explain things
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    Empathy and listening skills
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    Flexibility with your hours

How do I apply?

If you're interested in an independent, flexible income AND an opportunity to make a difference, then here's how to get started… 

1. Review our ‘Agent Application Pack’

2. Email us to apply

Please attach a current CV and give your full name, location, a short description about yourself, and your current relation to communities of older people local to you.

3. Come in for an interview

4. Attend our training programme

Call us if you have questions.
01962 606247

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