Family Supported

Requires your own setup and offers no phone support or home visits.


MiCare tablet computer

+ free 3 months standard services

+ automated online setup


MiCare wristband

for easy health tracking

MiCare Supported Plan

Currently available in Winchester, Hampshire.

Essential plan


MiCare tablet computer
MiCare wristband

6 months support

  • personal setup
  • cloud tools for family
  • phone support
  • check
    home visits
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30-day money-back guarantee

After your Essential plan ends…
  • £0/mo basic services
    games + health tracking + web browsing + shared photos + video calling + calendar + more
  • asterisk
    £6/mo standard ​subscription
    normal services + Cloud Tools + new games + major software updates
  • asterisk
    £12/mo standard subscription + phone support
    normal services + Cloud Tools + new games + major software updates + phone support
  • asterisk
    £20/mo standard subscription + phone support + home visits
    normal services + Cloud Tools + new games + major software updates + phone support + one home visit every two months

basic services

standard subscription

standard subscription

standard subscription

+ phone support

+ phone support + home visits






all basic services

all basic services

all basic services

health tracking

Cloud Tools

Cloud Tools

Cloud Tools

web browsing

new games

new games

new games

shared photos

major software updates

major software updates

major software updates

video calling

phone support

phone support


home visits

MiCare Supported Plans

Currently available in Winchester, Hampshire.

Please get in touch if you'd like to request MiCare in your area.

Personal Setup

Included with the Essential plan.

With personal setup, we get your loved one and you set up and ready to hit the ground running. Together, we…

  • set up Skype video accounts and add them as favourites
  • check
    set up a personalised Google account for the shared calendar
  • choose the games your loved one enjoys from our games library
  • set up their favourite and most useful web bookmarks
  • set up your account on MiCare’s ‘Cloud Tools,’ so you can update and manage the MiCare tablet anytime
  • check
    get you started using the MiCare tablet in person!

Cloud Tools

Included with the Essential plan, and with a new MiCare tablet (3 month trial), or any standard subscription.

For family and friends to update the MiCare tablet from afar.


  • view the activity and health measurements
  • check
    set and update health goals
  • add or remove web bookmarks
  • change the game selection
  • edit and update video calling contacts
  • check
    access the calendarmonitor MiCare tablet usage
  • check
    add or remove family members to Cloud Tools

Phone Support

Included with the Essential plan (for 6 months), or a standard subscription with phone support.

Help is just a phone call away. We solve most issues within a single call with your local support helper on a dedicated phone number.

Home Visits

Included with the Essential plan, or a standard subscription with home visits.

When your loved one needs us, their personal MiCare agent will stop by their home to offer truly personal help.

MiCare Tablet Hardware

Huawei MediaPad T3 or similar.

  • 10 inch tablet computer
  • 1280x800 pixel display
  • wifi, bluetooth
  • front and back cameras
  • Android7.0+ operating system
  • chevron-right
    battery life under constant use: 5.4 hours*

MiCare Wristband Hardware

Xiaomi Mi Band 2.

  • heart rate monitor
  • chevron-right
    step counter
  • activity and motion sensor
  • average battery life: 18 days

Ready to get started?

See MiCare yourself, before you spend a single penny.

If you want to…

  • improve your loved one’s physical, social, and mental well-being
  • connect with their life and share yours
  • reduce the stress of looking after your loved one
  • check
    help them stay independent
  • check
    know how they’re doing

Call and set up a no-obligation demo

01962 606247

or send us a message…

Is there a money-back guarantee?

How much support is included?

How is this different from other tablets?

Is this tablet for me?

What if I don’t use it a lot?

Will it be secure from outside attack?

What happens if the tablet goes wrong?

The answers here are simplified for clarity. For the full details and the presiding conditions, please see the full Terms and Conditions.