Charging your devices

Charging your devices

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  1. Charging Your MiCare Tablet
  2. Charging Your MiCare Wristband

Charging Your MiCare Tablet

At the top of the screen you will see a ‘battery’ shaped symbol with a certain amount of it shaded in.

This displays the amount of charge left in the battery, this is also often indicated by the value as a percentage (i.e. 34%).

We would suggest that when this value gets to 10% or lower, you connect your tablet to the mains socket and allow it to recharge the battery, (if it gets very low the tablet will indicate this to you with a screen similar to the one below).

Recharging does not take long, normally a few hours.

Charging Your MiCare Wristband

From time to time the wristband will require charging. To do this remove the device from the wristband.

Ensure that the gold contacts are placed into the ‘cup’ shaped connector, if the device is placed in the wrong way around, it will not charge.

Place the cable into the mains adaptor and plug into a socket. Charging is quite rapid and the band should be fully charged in a few hours.