Getting personal support

Getting personal support

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Quick Support

The following will help your MiCare agent assist you with any issues you may be having. It enables the support agent to have remote control of your tablet, allowing them to resolve issues for you.

You must have a working broadband connection for it to work.


Step 1.
When asked by the support agent press the blue box named ‘Quick Support’ QS on the screen (location may vary, but usually it is fairly central). Then follow their instructions. See image below.

Another way to get to QUICK SUPPORT get to quick support is from your MiCare Homepage (the petal image). On the top left corner of that screen there is a settings icon looking like a cog symbol.

When tapped, another screen will open and there will be the option for BACK TO MAIN SCREEN on the left top screen or QUICK SUPPORT on the right top screen.

In the top left of the MiCare home screen is the Settings button, shown as a cog symbol.

In the top right of the Settings screen is the ‘Quick Support’ button


Step 2.
When advised by the agent tap on QUICK SUPPORT and follow their instructions.

EDLAH trials help:

Call our office on 01962 606247 during office hours (09:00-16:30).

Thank you so much for assisting in our research, we really appreciate it and hope you find it helpful and enjoyable.