Glossary / explanation of terms

Glossary / explanation of terms

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A short press of a button or icon (symbol on the screen) typically 1 second or less. More of a poke, of the button/icon.



A longer press of a button or icon, typically 2 or 3 seconds or until a change occurs.



A symbolic image used to indicate a function is available. Typically a box shape, with an image or text inside it. A little like a key on a keypad.



The action of moving your finger up, down or from side to side of the screen in order to achieve an action.



Using a ‘Hold’ action, move an object around the screen with your finger.


Pick up

The same action as ‘Move’.



Usually related to typing information; this is the action of completion.
e.g. when you have finished a reply to a message you press the key labelled ↵



To erase a text entry whilst typing press the ⌫ Key to delete a single letter or number. A ‘Hold’ on this key will delete multiple entries until it is released. So be careful with this key.



Uppercase letters are entered by pressing the ⇪ key. Sometimes this arrow doesn’t have a line underneath it.

Tablet Symbols

Outside of the MiCare environment, on your tablet you may see symbols that look like this:

Reading the symbols from the very top right corner beginning at the right-hand end and moving left.

  • 15:19 is a digital clock displaying the current time.
  • The next rectangular image is a graphical illustration of the battery charge level. If it is completely white, the battery is fully charged. If it appears completely coloured the battery is empty.
  • 34% is also an indication of how much charge is remaining in the Tablet battery.
  • The slice of cake/pizza shows the strength of your broadband/WiFi signal. Again, this preferably needs to be fully white (4 white arcs). If you see a little arrow moving in this slice, this is just good activity and is all OK.
  • A symbol looking like an eye, is just a setting on the screen and not to be worried about.
  • The circle or possibly box that is next is just a sound setting. Don’t worry about this one.
  • The double arrow symbol shows that you have Bluetooth switched on. This is not a dental hygiene issue but a very important computer process that makes your wristband and the tablet capable of ‘talking’ to each other. This MUST be working. If it isn’t there please contact your friendly relative (son, daughter, grandchild) or our office.