How to play HINIX

How to play HINIX

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Step 1.
HINIX is a word game similar in format to the popular ‘BOGGLE’ game. It is selected using its purple icon box.


Step 2.
The next screen will appear. This allows you to select a level of difficulty, easy, medium or hard.

There are also ‘instructions’ on how to play.

HINIX instructions


Step 3.
When you press the Play button the game will start.

See how many words are possible in the top-right.

Find words by touching the letters in correct order.


Step 4.
Any errors, e.g. pressing ‘J’ here instead of ‘R’, you need to press on the incorrect letter again, to erase it from your word. If there are several incorrect letters, they must be removed in the reverse order to their original selection. i.e. ‘j’ then ‘a’ then ‘e’ then ‘p’ in the example above.