How to play Patience / Solitaire

How to play Patience / Solitaire

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General guidelines:

Move cards around by putting your finger on the card and dragging it to the correct position, if you take your finger off the screen before the card reaches a correct placement, the card will return to its original place.

To select a card to play, tap on the coloured pack (top left hand edge, under the ‘Back’ button), if this card is unplayable, select again.

The game finishes when all the cards are in their correct suits or it is not possible to play any further cards.

Playing the game.

A random selection of cards will be dealt automatically.

Consider if any of these can be moved to form sequential stacks, beginning with the highest card to the lowest, in alternative colours. At this point suit does not matter, only colour.

You can see this in the photo below.

For example, if you were dealt a red eight from the pack, it could be placed onto the black nine. Then the black seven and all the cards below it could be moved onto the red eight you have just placed down. Etc.

If there is an Ace dealt from the pack, this can be placed in the vacant spaces (x4) along the top-right hand side of the screen.

Cards must be placed in their correct suit from (ACE) to (KING) in these spaces, either, as they are dealt from the pack or moved up from a stack in the main playing area.

When the four correct suits of cards are all in place on the top row, the game is completed.