How to play Sudoku

How to play Sudoku

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Step 1.
Tap on the purple Everdream Sudoku button on the games screen.


Step 2.
The Sudoku games level options will appear, also a button to give an explanation of the rules (Bottom of the screen).


Step 3.
Tap the explanation button. The screen below appears and an in-depth guide will appear on the screen. This will help you if you have not played the game before. To leave this explanation and return to the game, tap the ‘back’ button in the top-left-hand corner of the screen.


Step 4.
Tap the appropriate level button i.e. Easy, Medium or Hard and a screen appears with a selection of playing boards.


Step 5.
You may have several of these in ‘playing’ mode at a time, as shown above. The time spent on the game is also shown to the right of the board.


Step 6.
When you have selected the game you wish to play, it will appear in the screen. (As shown below.)