How to set up a wristband

How to set up a wristband

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To use your wristband with the tablet you need to enable both devices to ‘talk’ to each other. This is called ‘pairing’ as in you pair them up. This is a once only activity.

Follow the following steps to do this:

Step 1.
On the tablet: Press the Health Measurements petal and then the ‘Walking’ Red square.


Step 2.
A screen looking something like below will be displayed:

This is listing the names of the devices, the tablet is aware of, around it. Hopefully, your screen will only show one device!


Step 3.
Select the device name of your wristband. The device will vibrate when it does press the small button on its face and it will stop vibrating.

The screen below should be displayed.

You will then see a screen that will be similar to the one below.

Your wristband and tablet are now happily connected to each other and communicating.