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Internet Browser

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  1. Accessing your Bookmarks
  2. Zooming in on websites
  3. Search on the Internet

Accessing your Bookmarks

  1. Tap on the orange petal or orange GO.
  2. Tap on one of your bookmarks.

Zooming in on websites

You can enlarge the screen image by placing two fingers together on the screen, then spreading them apart. To reduce the screen image, bring your fingers back together in a pinching action, as shown in the picture below.

Search on the Internet

Step 1.
To search the Internet for anything else that might interest you, tap on the orange petal or orange Go. Once it opened tap on ‘SEARCH ON THE INTERNET’ on the top-right corner.


Step 2.
On the screen there will be a white bar to type in. Tap on this and a keyboard will appear. Type what you are interested in looking for.

e.g. dress making, a person’s name, a place, a shopping centre, opening/closing times to certain places, or places you want to visit or find more information about.

When you have finished typing, tap on SEARCH, or the symbol of the magnifying glass on the keyboard. See picture below.

Press the magnifying glass icon on the keyboard to search.