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Tap the blue Photos petal or blue Go. The screen shown below will appear. (Actual pictures will be different than the image below).

This screen displays the photos received from your friends and family. The information in the brackets is your email address. Friends and family can email photos to you using this address and ‘attaching’ the photos to their email.

Step 1.
Tap on the photo to enlarge it. If there is more than one photo in this mail, all the photos will be enlarged. They are viewed by tapping on the arrows < or > at the edges of the screen.


Step 2.
Details of the sender and the message they wrote are immediately below the photo.


Step 3.
Scroll UP — to the bottom of the email — and tap the white box under the message (picture below) to add your own reply. A keyboard will appear as you tap this box. Use this to enter your reply.


Step 4.
When you have completed your message, then ‘send the message’ (picture below). This will not change anything but does send the message to the sender.

The keyboard may appear different depending on your model.


Step 5.
Be very careful of the ‘Delete‘ photos button. This will permanently remove the photos from your tablet! Use only when you wish to do this.