Video Calling with Skype

Video Calling with Skype

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  1. How do I make a video call?
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How do I make a video call?

Step 1.
Tap the green Skype video calling or green GO button.


Step 2.
A screen will appear as below, showing your Skype contacts. These are people that you can video call by pressing on the button with their name/photo on it.


Step 3.
After pressing on the photo/name, a call will be started and a screen similar to below will appear. After a minute or so the person called will appear on the screen and you will be able to speak and see each other.


Step 4.
If the camera is not on to ENABLE it so the other person can see you, tap on the camera image ( first image from the bottom left as shown in the image below). Your camera should come on and the other person should be able to see you.


Step 5.
To END the call tap on the red button at the bottom right of the screen as shown in the image below.



The call does not start

If the call does not start or the person doesn’t answer a reason will be given on the screen. (e.g. person unavailable, no broadband present etc.) If this happens, wait a few minutes and try again. If the person is not available it might be because they are not around or connected to the Internet at the moment, in which case try again later when they might be available.


I can’t hear them

If you are connected to the call but you do not hear the person or they sound very quiet, it might be that your volume is set to low making it hard to hear. In this case, try setting the volume a bit higher. The volume keys are located by the power button when you switch on the machine (see picture below) Click UP for volume to be higher and DOWN for it to be lower. If the problem still persists on the call, hang up and ring again.

The two buttons on the side of the tablet turn the volume up and down.